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Bajadas: lower mountain slopes coated with loose sediment, possibly from runoffs. Instance: overlapping alluvial admirers rolling together the base of arid peaks.

Coal: hydrocarbon and sedimentary rock composed of compacted plant remains, mainly historical club moss trees sitting over tropical swamps. Mined coal supplies a lot of the globe's electrical Electrical power. A popular compound in hell, it had been when carried by burglars and cutpurses to stay away from apprehension.

Libidinal Politics: Ynestra King's expression for politics grounded in care and interactions, in eros in lieu of logos only.

Core Aeration: using plugs of soil away from the bottom to extend its aeration. Roots die in extremely compacted ground.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid): a type of nucleic acid arranged into pairs of double-helix molecules packaged into chromosomes carrying the genetic code. The molecules are made of joined nucleotides: units having a sugar, a phosphate, and one particular of four base chemical compounds: adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. These bases sign up for like ladder rungs--always an A to your T in addition to a C to the G--with the sugar-phosphate forming the outside "spine" of your strand.

I initial saw this reviewed each individual week inside the Guardian newspaper below in the united kingdom and it actually acquired my attention, I hadn't viewed it up right up until then.

Accretion: the accumulation of marine sediments check here at the sides of the continent, building up in some instances into overall coastal mountain ranges. See Plate Tectonics for more details on what brings about accretion.

Chemosynthesis: the chemical conversion of inorganic compounds found in an autotrophic organism's environment into foods for it. Examine Photosynthesis.

Contour Farming: farming perpendicular on the slope of the hill or mountain, as an alternative to straight up or down it, to minimize runoff and erosion. Including belts of cover vegetation in between crops is referred to as contour strip farming.

Deal with Crop: a crop grown to guard the soil from erosion and close by meals crops from weeds. Is often dug under to put nutrients back again into the bottom. Widespread address crops incorporate buckwheat, hairy vetch, Austrian Wintertime pea, and several clovers.

Creationism (renamed Smart Design and style): the usage of scientific-sounding arguments to “demonstrate” an unquestioned perception that a God developed the entire world, typically in a brief length of time. Creationism is often a "Functioning against character" instead of a "working with mother nature" organization in its insistence which the divine stands aside from the organic within a romance of domination (supernaturalism).

Mass Extinction: a catastrophic reduction in species populace. The mass extinction now underway threatens much more than half the animals on this planet, many of whom have now vanished; Other folks, like The nice apes, are about to. For any tribute to what now not lives, begin to see the Altars of Extinction project on-line.

Density Dependence: the inclination of a population's progress amount to count on its size, with an increase in populace density akin to a lower in expansion. This self-regulating dynamic allows prevent extinction.

Hydrologic Cycle: the ongoing transformation of water while in the biosphere from ocean water evaporation to clouds, rain, groundwater and runoff, storage in organisms, and many others. till its return towards the oceans. The Earth holds roughly 326 cubic million miles of h2o, ninety seven% of it from the oceans.

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